Asavari’s new edition Roop Vilas Palace Nawalgarh, Palace design in Haveli & Edwardian architecture, has undergone restoration and renovation with sylvan surrounding with many verities of trees landscape  spreads in 10 acres of lush, manicured Gardens with spacious Lawns all arounds

We have opened well appointed 15 rooms for reservation and Asavari’s immersive experience of accommodation and fine dining.

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Culinary Experience

History of Nawalgarh

NAWALGARH with a population of forty thousand has been the throbbing fulcrum of the life and history of Shekhawati. it was founded in 1737 A.D. by Thakur Nawal Singh whose fame is enshired in history and folkore. Despite the instrution of mordern cilvilization, parts of the town still exude an old-world charm. In conformity with the general pattern of Shekhawati, there are more than fifty mansions here with painted walls, with undisputed claim to artistic pre-eminence. It is situated at the center of the Bikaner-Delhi-Jaipur traingle, convenitently distanced from Delhi (260 km), Jaipur (145 km) and Bikaner (225 km).

Central Nawalgarh has plenty of old-fashioned, small-town charm, with dozens of tiny shops and lots of street vendors hawking piles of merchandise by the side of the road. At the heart of the town, the fort (Bala Qila) has more or less vanished under a clutch of modern buildings huddled around a central courtyard which now hosts the town’s colorful vegetable market. the dilapidated building on the far left-hand side of the courtyard (by the bank of Baroda) boasts a magnificent, earily echoing Sheesh Mahal, covered in mirror-work,which once served as the dressing room of the maharani of Nawalgarh, its ceiling decorated

Curated Experience

Our escorted tour of Shekawati’s haveli at Nawalgarh, Mandawa and Fatehpur provide insight of architecture and fresco art.

Asavari Fine Dining Restaurant at Roop Vilas Palace provide immersive dinning experience of Rich tradition of Rajasthan

Folk and Classical live music at Roop Vilas Palace at Chowk (centre courtyard)


The havelis are the mansions that boats of the superbly engraved wooden gates and the painted walls. The list of must visit havelis at nawalgarh companies of the Anandial Poddar Haveli, the Jodhraj Patodia Haveli , Bansidar Bhagat Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, The Aath (eight) Haveli complex, Chhawchhariya Haveli, Muraraka Haveli, Gher temple, Bhagton Haveli, and Khedwal Bhavan. While at Nawalgarh you must visit the British Clock Tower which is a major landmark in nawalgarh, which is the heart of the Shekhawati. Then there are two famous forts of Nawalgarh. The dome of the nawalgarh forts has an aerial view of jaipur painted on it. The Ganga Mai temple near the gate of one of the forts is a major tourist attraction. Horse riding is very popular with guests and the hotel encourages guests to go on horse safaris.

Shekhawati is surrounded by deserts and some of Rajasthan’s most colorful tribes can be seen dwelling in the arid Thar desert. To overcome the harsh climatic condition they have developed an enchanting lifestyle filled with color, pomp and pageantry.

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